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60th International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM 2012)

The International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) covers topics such as:

Air transport: high capacity aircraft and long duration flights Aircrew: fitness assessment, clinical issues and medical standards Environmental hazards Air travel and exposure to disease Aeromedical evacuation Human factors in aviation and flight safety Air traffic control, Airports, occupational medicine and medical issues Information processing, Man-systems interfaces and ergonomics Space biology and medicine Aerospace physiology and psychology

The International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) brings together delegates from military and civilian aviation sectors from around the world, Academicians involved or interested in aerospace medicine and other professionals involved in Aviation and Space Medicine.

Abstract submission deadline

June 03rd, 2012



Les bienfaits du beau nous émerveillent

La capacité à s?émerveiller et à percevoir la beauté reste encore mystérieuse. Mais est hautement positive.

European Microscopy Congress 2012

The UK microscopy community looks forward to welcoming you to London in September 2012. With an international conference of the highest quality sitting alongside Europe`s largest exhibition dedicated to microscopy, it promises to be a truly memorable event. Added to this will be great training opportunities, a programme of technical workshops, and a full social programme. Put the date in your diary and start looking forward to a true festival of microscopy in one of the world`s most famous and beautiful cities.



Petits conseils pour survivre aux grandes catastrophes

LE PLAISIR DES LIVRES - Dans «Ayez les bons réflexes», le Dr Gérarld Kierzek dresse une synthèse claire des comportements à adopter lors d?événements dramatiques, pour prévenir, protéger ou secourir.

Risk Analysis 2012

Risk Analysis covers topics such as Political instability and economic vulnerability, Financial risk assessment, Transportation safety, Security and public safety, Estimation of risk, Health risk, Risk mapping, Vulnerability assessment, Evacuation, simulation and design, Natural hazards and climate change, Early warning systems, Hazard prevention, management and control, Risk management and Risk assessment.


500 - 1400 EUR


No exhibition



Plongée dans la cité des bactéries intestinales

REPORTAGE - Au Salon de l?Agriculture, l?Inra met à l?honneur les bactéries, cruciales pour la santé humaine et animale.

iHT Health IT Marketing Summit New York 2012

The HIT Health IT Marketing Summit covers topics such as:

Implementing mobility and telehealth applications Effectively measuring the value of an EHR Integrated applications vs. multiple applications Creating a patient-centered care environment Does the application meet your requirements?

The HIT Health IT Marketing Summit brings together healthcare industry leaders and senior executives::

Chief Medical Officer Chief Information Officer Physician Chief Medical Informatics Officer VP and Director of IT Practice Manager



795 - 1095 USD



Comment cultiver son appétit de vivre

Une simple et bonne hygiène de vie suffit-elle à se préserver de la morosité ? D?autres approches existent.

Preventive Medicine 2012

Preventive Medicine is a 12-Night Western & Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Conference Round-trip from Barcelona, Spain.

Preventive Medicine is a conference that covers topics such as:

Blood cholesterol abnormalities appropriate treat - prevent CHD events in patients at intermediate to high risk for CHD Preventive medicine principles Dementia-prevention guidelines and early treatment Lifestyle and pharmacologic guidelines to treat individuals with blood pressure elevations Male patients with decreased bone density Travel medicine advice to international travelers Metabolic syndrome and - the importance to maintain a high level of awareness for the primary care physician Bipolar disease in primary care Roles and limitations of emerging imaging and physiologic tests in preventive cardiology Integrating the results of coronary calcification imaging into conventional risk factor assessment Sleep apnea in patients with cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes and in younger individuals with non-classic signs The unique aspects of heart disease in women Therapy based upon lipoprotein analysis and new measures of inflammation The roles and limitations of all colon cancer screening options and where CT colonography fits

Preventive Medicine brings together Nurses, Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.


450 - 690 USD


No exhibition



Psoriasis : le tournant décisif des biothérapies

La toute première biothérapie proposée depuis quinze ans dans le psoriasis, a complètement changé la donne pour les patients ... et pour les médecins.

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